Multidisciplinary FASD Assessment of Adults and Adolescents in the Forensic Context, Defense or Prosecution

FASDExperts is a group of mental health experts that specialize in the forensic assessment of persons suspected of having a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). Although we work collegially as a "team" of experts, we each have independent practices and often work with other experts around the nation. We affiliate informally and collegially for two purposes: 1) to conduct objective multidisciplinary evaluations that meet the standard of care in FASD assessment, and 2) to educate professionals (e.g., medical, mental health, legal, corrections) about FASD and the conditions under which the cognitive deficits in FASD can lead to crime.

Dr. Connor, Judge Wartnik, Dr. Brown and Dr. Adler

The primary purpose of this website is to inform legal and medical professionals about the generally accepted standard of care in FASD assessment, which in the forensic context includes validated procedures and empirically grounded opinions. Although we are a Seattle-based group with individual faculty affiliations with the University of Washington, our scope is national and includes the following contexts:


Victim/witness testimonial capacity
Challenging an FASD defense
Victim assessment for sentencing enhancement


Competency/rights waiver
Diminished capacity
Post-conviction appeal



As noted above, we provide consultation services to both prosecutors and defense attorneys and also assist counsel with disability applications and other civil matters (e.g., assessment and/or consultation).

We speak at regional, national, and international conferences and beginning in 2014, we will begin to sponsor a national forensic FASD conference on a yearly basis. A goal of this conference, which will involve presentations by some of the most highly regarded FASD researchers and clinicians in the nation, will be to bring legal, medical, and mental health professionals together for a day of state-of-the-art education regarding FASD in the criminal context.

We do not consult with the lay public, but we are working to develop a nation-wide resource directory and are happy to provide referrals.

For more information about our services or the interface between FASD and the legal context, please contact Dr. Natalie Brown at 425-275-1238.